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Somebody told me that I'd always have to bow

If that was true I'd have fallen apart right now

Poppy Alessandros
1 November


f o r | p l a y e r | k n o w l e d g e

Poppy Jaime Alessandros is 5'8", has hazel eyes, very light brown hair and feels she resembles 'a baby giraffe' due to long limbs and a slight build. She is the proud owner of several tattoos; lower back, right foot, left hip and back of her neck. Her ears are pierced three times each side, as well as her navel. She has a series of small nick-like scars on her left wrist. Also has three long burns along her inner left thigh. Her manner of dress is this sort of thing.

As well as play music, Poppy enjoys photography, drawing, painting, books, finding people who will supply her with alcohol, drinking said alcohol, smoking, boys, occasionally girls and, now, trying not to take lots of mind-altering substances. And cookery. Her biggest loathes are shallow and arrogant people, unapologetic idiots, the majority of the digital age and 'non-ironic' pop music [but not including ironic covers of them]. She isn't keen on water - she can't swim, doesn't do boats and is generally terrified of the idea of being underwater.

On the surface she is dry, sarcastic, flippant, flirtatious and isn't often shy to say what she thinks. She's a fan of emotional distance and subterfuge. But a caramel centre that likes fluffy animals lies within. Sort of. For all her faults and insecurities, she's a good listener and has a [mostly] kind heart and, once she knows someone well enough, is genuine and sincere. Though will probably still snark at you.

Raised in Hawkinge, Kent, her father [James] was an investment banker and her mother [Katherine] was a children's author [she wrote 'The Garden of Night and Day' series about a lonely girl who befriends the fairies at the bottom of her garden under the nom de plume Katherine Hartley]. Both were from old money. It should have been a very lovely childhood, with their large estate, grounds and stables [home to Poppy's horse Akio until he was sold by her father], but James had suffered with his mental health since his early twenties. It was thought that the continued stress of his job and then the arrival of his daughter was the straw that broke the camel's back.

A very religious man, his delusions included being convinced that he could hear the voice of God telling him his family, and his daughter in particular, needed to be 'cleansed' in order to be accepted into the Kingdom. This led to cruel and unprovoked punishments, the most frequent of which was being held under cold water in the bath. The first and only time Poppy screamed and cried in front of him, James pressed a hot fire poker to her thigh. Occasionally hit his wife and inflicted mental and emotional abuse on the two of them. He was committed shortly after Poppy's tenth birthday and released seven months later. He began to deteriorate over the next several months and stopped taking his medication, culminating in him drowning his wife then hanging himself from a tree. The story was quite prominent in the papers for a while, detailing what had gone on behind closed doors.

Poppy was sent to live with her divorced aunt [Aveline] and cousin [Verity]. Her aunt treated her coldly, finding it difficult live with a reminder of her sister but regarding it as her duty to due so. Being three years Poppy's senior, Verity had little time for her cousin. Aveline permitted Poppy taking up the guitar as long as she had piano lessons as well, as that was a more 'suitable' instrument for a young lady. She lost herself in music, books and art. She also permitted therapy, which Poppy did not get along with very well. Sessions were spent saying little or reeling off dry, sarcastic responses or outright untruths. The sessions were terminated when Poppy sent an ashtray through the therapist's lovely glass coffee table, resulting in the scars on her wrist.

She attended an all girls Catholic school. She gradually stopped caring about education. Partly because of boredom, partly due to the fact she'd decided she was either going to be an artist or a musician and partly because of her classmate's taunts over what had happened to her parents. The jibe of 'say your prayers, or James Alessandros will get you' lasted up until her last years. At fifteen she was kicked out due to continued truancy and 'unreasonable' behaviour [such as her friendship with Art teacher Adam MacKenzie]. The faculty were convinced MacKenzie was 'taking advantage' despite no evidence.

She started sneaking into clubs for the live music nights, and met Richard, Ollie and T.K [then in a band called Play With Scissors]. Richard unwittingly tried to chat her up. When Verity told him how old she was, thinking he'd pay her no more attention, Richard took it upon himself to act as a white knight and steer off 'pervs and weirdos'. After learning about her interest in music, and hearing her play, she became an unofficial member of Play With Scissors. Richard convinced her to sing one night. After that, they became writing partners and The Stiff Richeys were born.

Nearly seventeen, she traveled around with the band, staying wherever anyone would put them up, collecting friends and doing copious amounts of illegal substances.

At eighteen, she came into her inheritance. The estate was sold. She thought it would ease a lot of the conflict surrounding her parents. It didn't. She proposed shifting the band to the States.

At twenty-one, she and The Stiff Richeys are starting to make a name for themselves in New York.

d i s c l a i m e r s

So very, very not real. Everything here is a great big dose of fiction and in now way reflective of persons represented. Neither are any of Poppy's photos mine and I don't claim to have taken them or take credit for them in any way. Any lyrics that have been shamelessly stolen from other bands will be stated as such.

No doubt there will be bad language, naughty goings-on and things generally unsuitable for the wee ones in this journal. Consider yourself warned. And even though people suck, Poppy generally likes to talk to and RP with them anyway.

The self-proclaimed frontman of the Stiff Richeys and Poppy's main partner in crime can be found at fcking_frontman.
Mun can be found lurking at muso_muso and heart.shaped.somethings @ gmail.com.

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