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Somebody told me that I'd always have to bow
If that was true I'd have fallen apart right now
Greetings and salutations.

Obviously no one is here right now to take your call. Or there's a whole bunch of people sitting and waiting for you to leave an awkward message saying how you hate talking to machines.

Just be glad you're unaware of the laughing and pointing.


[[IC, OOC, anything!]]
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After a very long time and much fun, this journal is [finally] closed for business.

Ta, cheers and many thanks to everyone met along the way. You are all awesome and a pleasure.

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Six Impossible Things :: my thread
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The term 'relationship' is one for those who find 'we're swapping orgasms' too crass.


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RP Love Meme // Show me love
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Show us a drawing your muse made as a child.

Apparently the title of this piece was 'Happy Garden'. Speaks for itself, really.

listening :: Joydrop :: Sometimes Wanna Die

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I get bored, I like to be on top, and that's about all there is to know.

And a sort of one sentence bonusCollapse )

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Your result for Roleplayer Test!...

The Portraitist

Random, Character-Oriented, Platonic

As a Portraitist, the character is everything to you. You value the character's personality and development more than anything else, and your goal in roleplay is to flesh the character out in any and every way possible. You're the method actor of the roleplay world: you know your character through and through (you've probably done a ton of research) and you enjoy throwing your character into new and random situations just to prompt interesting reactions. However, you're hard to involve in any plots, mostly because ongoing stories that don't focus on exploring your character's innermost depths quickly bore you. Also, you might like to put your character in tragic/stressful situations a little too much.

Take Roleplayer Test!
at HelloQuizzy

feeling :: polyvore.com = research?

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Show us something that is not what it appears to be.

It's a urinal. Except it isn't a urinal because it's art. Except it isn't art because it's non-art, it's anti-art. Except the whole thing grudgingly became an art movement and really it was art in itself to begin with and the beat goes on.

listening :: Ash :: Oh Yeah

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Every time that woman's mouth went downwards in that certain way it just showed that she was not only losing the battles but the war as well.

listening :: The Cure :: Lovecats

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